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Belardi/Ostroy managing Levenger file

Belardi/Ostroy is now the list manager for home d?cor and gift marketer Levenger.

Levenger is based in Delray Beach , FL.

The list management transition date is September 1, 2007.

The Levenger catalog and enhanced lists contain 262,000 12-month buyers spending an average of $135 per order on a variety of items to beautify their lives, including high quality home furnishings, leather goods and writing instruments.

The list was formerly managed by Mokrynski.

Belardi/Ostroy has many other files that fall under the home d?cor and gift category.

“The levenger file works for a variety of offers which include gift, home furnishings, apparel accessories, fundraising, publishing, children’s merchandise, food and wine, and general merchandise,” said Fred Onemma, senior vice president of list management at Belardi/Ostroy.

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