Bee Magazine Aims to Serve Women Readers

A magazine called Bee debuts in October, promising editorial and advertising covering politics, lifestyle and finance with a serious approach tailored toward women.

The quarterly from Femme Publications, Dallas, targets women 25-45 who are out of college and seeking a job or newly divorced and in need of moneymaking skills. Monaco native Celine Gumbiner is publisher, CEO and founder of the title.

“I noticed that there were no magazines for women that covered finance and politics in a way that was easy to identify with and understand,” Gumbiner said. “There are so many magazines out there that are fashion-oriented, and they've forgotten what the reader needs.”

Bee ( will have a rate base of 100,000, with 60 percent newsstand and the rest via subscription. Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books-A-Million agreed to stock copies. A single copy will cost $5.95, and a subscription of four issues will have a $19.95 tab.

Each issue will have a mix of long-length features on money, lifestyle and accessories. Departments on world events and finance will complement. The magazine aims to avoid celebrities unless their involvement is germane to the editorial focus.

“The idea is [for readers] to participate in conversations and have an opinion,” Gumbiner said.

Partnerships will help generate awareness and build subscriptions. E-mails in September just before Bee's launch will drop to subscriber lists of other Web sites. Recipients will be able to subscribe directly to the magazine by clicking on links in those e-mails.

Offline, Gumbiner said her company is looking at lists of magazines like Marie Claire, O and Real Simple for direct mail purposes. But that is not finalized.

Gumbiner is confident Bee will resonate with its audience. She counts the magazine's unique name as a plus.

“We like the idea of bees coming together and the fact that they're organized and one of the only colonies where the female is queen,” she said.

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