Bebo is back! And here’s the hilarious video announcing it

Michael Birch just bought back Bebo, the UK-based social networking site he founded with his wife in 2005. Birch paid only $1 million to buy it back after he sold the site to AOL in 2010 for $850 million.

In this cheeky video announcing the new ownership, Birch admits how far Bebo had gone down the drain, capitulating to competition from Facebook and (hilariously) becoming the “single biggest repository of illustrated cock and balls ever recorded.” He is referring of course to the “Whiteboard” feature that was introduced to the site.

Birch admits that he has no idea what the new site is going to look like or whether it will even succeed. But he says its going to be fun trying. And if their efforts are as creative as this video, its going to be fun following them. 

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