BCC Software Gets Full-Service NCOALink Certification

KISSIMMEE, FL — BCC Software, a Bowe Bell and Howell company, said at the 2006 National Postal Forum here that it received certification April 1 to offer U.S. Postal Service NCOALink full service provider processing to its customers.

The Rochester, NY, company expects to offer full-service processing as of May 1.

With this certification, BCC can provide address-updating services based on the full 48 months of USPS Change of Address database depth. The NCOALink limited service provider processing, for which BCC is also certified and will continue to provide, offers 18 months of COA access.

NCOALink is a data set of address changes from the USPS. Companies may update mailing lists with new addresses from individuals and businesses who moved so mailers can qualify for First-Class automation and presort discounts.

BCC also announced the addition of list rental services to its BCC Customer Portal. Customers can obtain targeted business and consumer leads using a full range of selection criteria. The MarketSmart Web-based list query and order delivery system is offered in a partnership between BCC and Donnelley Marketing.

“It's common for professional mailers to need access to the freshest and most targeted list data,” said Ted Seward, BCC vice president of marketing. “Our customers have indicated they'd like to see BCC offer this service, and we're excited to meet that need by adding MarketSmart to our portal.”

Also at the show, BCC Software demonstrated the new Envelope Reflectance Measurement instrument. The prerelease production version of the portable ERM, designed by Bowe Bell and Howell as part of a development agreement with the USPS, lets mailers determine printing and barcode quality on a mail piece to ensure optimal deliverability and proper postal discounts.

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