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BBDO Looks for More After $100M Win

BBDO Chicago said it’s expanding its targeting of online business after the win this month of Quotesmith.com Inc.’s $100 million integrated advertising, marketing and communications campaign.

Quotesmith.com, Darien, IL, provides detailed analysis and pricing quotes comparing the rates, products and services of 300 insurance companies nationwide. The company is seeking aggressive new brand positioning and a high-profile level of awareness among consumer groups nationwide.

BBDO president/CEO Tonise Paul confirmed the pitching of several online businesses last week and said it was the agency’s “tightly integrated approach to brand building” that answered Quotesmith.com’s need for a comprehensive campaign. She said the agency’s work would direct consumers to Quotesmith.com’s vast database of resources and information on insurance prices and products.

Quotesmith.com president founder Robert Bland said the company selected BBDO for several reasons, but he emphasized the agency’s track record as “one of the best brand-builders in the industry.”

BBDO’s Quotesmith.com campaign – which starts later this month – will include print, broadcast, online and direct marketing components, complete with a public relations strategy package and a series of special events programs.

Quotesmith.com is among the largest comparison services of its kind offering detailed policy coverage and reference information in all 50 states for all kinds of insurance, including auto, life, comprehensive medical, short-term medical, group medical, dental, Medicare supplement, watercraft, RV and annuities.

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