Bare Necessities launches print catalog

Web-based lingerie retailer Bare Necessities will mail its first print catalog this year, a 32-page effort created in conjunction with Haggin Marketing.

“Even in this economy, Bare Necessities’ business is strong, and they’re a strong player in the niche,” said Mark Swedlund, partner and SVP at Haggin Marketing, when asked why the company, which sells bras, panties, shapewear, hosiery, lingerie and men’s underwear from more than 120 brands, is choosing now to begin its first print effort.

Swedlund said that the target audience would be drawn from both Bare Necessities’ in-house file and some co-op lists, and will mostly be concentrated in North America. Initially, 300,000 of the catalogs will be mailed. The company will evaluate the results from this first mailing when it considers its audience reach for a second mailing, this fall.

“We’re trying to figure a reasonable level [to send],” Swedlund said. “We expect to have a significant catalog business to go along with the Internet business.”

Jeff Haggin, president of Haggin Marketing, noted that the company’s business is strong. “It just added its millionth customer to its in-house file,” he said. He noted that the catalog will be available in a virtual form on the regular Bare Necessities e-commerce site.

“We’re encouraging people online to sign up for a physical catalog,” Swedlund added.

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