Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO, Grubhub

Barbara Martin Coppola has 18 years of technology marketing experience. As Grubhub’s CMO, she’s responsible for growing brand affinity and driving user adoption.

Prior to Grubhub, she spent seven years at Google, holding leadership positions in the U.S. and France for Google Express, YouTube, and Chromecast. She also previously worked for Samsung in South Korea and Texas Instruments in the U.S., Finland, Germany, and Japan.

Marketing strategy: My approach is to ensure a brand is relevant and emotionally connected with its users and society. The brand needs to move at the speed of its users’ rhythm of expression and use art and science to get to its full potential.

Defining moment: Right before graduating as an electrical engineer, I realized during an internship that I enjoyed explaining new technologies to people more than engineering the products themselves. After that, I knew I was destined to bridge the gap between the complexity of tech products and users’ reality.

Advice to young marketers: While observing and listening are incredibly important, being exposed to new roles regularly is important for building a well-rounded base and stretching oneself to acquire new skills. Follow your passions, not those of others, in your quest to accelerate learning while you experiment and try new things.

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