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Bank of America brokerage service adapts new CRM to operations

Bank of America Prime Brokerage has now integrated Soffront CRM into its customer service operations.

The production support group of Bank of America Prime Brokerage reviewed several programs before purchasing Soffront’s modules in April 2007. The company, which delivers financing and assists in transactions for its clients, demoed the Soffront products for months before fully implementing them.

“We support external clients, so we have specific information that we need to put into the system,” said Don Boonvisudhi, VP at Bank of America Prime Brokerage. “With most ticket systems, you have to work with it and mess around to get what you need, but with Soffront we could get it to put out exactly what we wanted.

“What made the decision for me was that Soffront has a bunch of different capabilities that we could customize to have it work for us.”

Soffront’s customer service and e-mail processing modules help Bank of America Prime Brokerage enter customer issues, track tickets and create reports. It also helps managing staff keep track of how many issues are logged, who is taking care of them, and which ones employees may need more training to tackle.

Many of Soffront’s clients come from the financial, high-tech and hardware industries.

“The way Bank of America Prime Brokerage does things is not typical, and that was attractive to Soffront because we have an advantage in working with prospects whose needs are a little bit different,” said Manu Das, president of Soffront Inc. “Because of the flexibility of the system, we can adapt to businesses that are kind of different and unique.”

The Soffront platform includes sales, marketing, customer service, knowledge base, help desk, project management, asset management, order processing and issue tracking, among other services. It is available on-demand, on-site and host-to-purchase.

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