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Bank Freedom targets union members in direct campaign

Bank Freedom, a subsidiary of Prepaid Card Holdings Inc., is conducting a direct marketing campaign for a co-branded, prepaid debit card for the 1 million-plus members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union.

The organization launched an e-mail marketing push last week to about 500,000 union members with plans to kick off a direct mail campaign in October. The company also hopes that word-of-mouth publicity among members will drive the awareness effort.

“You have to build trust and rapport with [union members],” said Bruce Berman, CEO and chairman of Bank Freedom and Prepaid Card Holdings, Inc.

Bank Freedom’s goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of the prepaid card program to increase card issuance and adoption as an alternative banking solution for union members. Information about the debit card was available on the union website prior to the campaign’s launch.

“We are reaching out to their mail box and e-mail box and delivering the new program,” said Berman.

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