BabyUniverse launches catalog, updates Web site

Online baby products retailer BabyUniverse delivered its first-ever catalog to expectant moms on April 1.

The launch coincided with the introduction of a new logo and an overall updating of the brand’s imagery on its Web site and in its various communications with consumers. In addition, the site was reorganized and several new sections were introduced.

The company decided to launch a catalog for BabyUniverse based on the success it has had with catalogs for its eToys brand.

The Parent Co. “has been very successful with catalog marketing,” said Sheliah Gilliland, director of public relations at The Parent Co., which owns BabyUniverse. “Catalogs are a vehicle to drive additional customers to the Web site and a great branding piece to drive awareness,” she said. The Parent Co. also owns the brands My Twinn, Posh Tots, Posh Living and DreamtimeBaby.

The 44-page book presents an assortment of “the best of the best” of the BabyUniverse product line, including bedding, furniture and organic products. It was mailed late last month to a list of names from BabyUniverse’s own in-house database as well as to names from rental lists. A second drop is scheduled for later this month.

The new BabyUniverse logo and graphics were “designed to appeal to today’s modern moms” through the use of the colors green, pink and brown, said Gilliland. The logo, reminiscent of the scalloped edges on a store awning, is reminiscent of a high-end baby boutique in a major city. The look and feel of the Web site is carried through to the catalog.

The revamped Web site has been reorganized to highlight new categories, including eco-friendly products and close to 30 new boutiques, which are specially designed landing pages for specific brands or categories.

To support these initiatives, BabyUniverse has increased search engine marketing activity around the items highlighted in the catalog. It also sent an e-mail blast to all subscribers introducing them to the new Web site.

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