B2C Customer Acquisition System Debuts

Certain Source today released CertainSource Acquire, what the company is billing as the first customer acquisition management system for B2C enterprises. At the heart of the SaaS platform’s value proposition is the Source Efficiency Index that identifies the URLs that generate prospective customers and enables marketers to gain efficiencies by concentrating spending on the highest-producing sources.

“Email marketers have to get 30% new people on their lists each year just to keep even. This platform is designed to allow you to do that,” says CertainSource CEO Neil Rosen. “All of the leads that flow into the platform carry an ID of their source, and that’s very different in B2C.”

Acquire continues to track sources of leads, even tracing them back to referrals from other customers in the database to assess customers with lifetime values.

Rosen claims that, during a six-month beta test, companies using Acquire charted that, on average, 85% of their solid customer prospects emanated from URLs identified as top-performing sources.  “Instead of trying to tweak some little feature of functionality,” he says, “what email marketers need to do is grow their lists.”

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