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Azooca Video Mail debuts video e-mail service

Online video marketplace Azooca Video Mail debuted Azoocamail.com last week, a free service that combines e-mail and video.

Azoocamail.com lets consumers create video e-mails for business or personal use and then sends them on the company’s Internet-based system at www.azoocamail.com. Users do not need to subscribe to an Internet service provider.

Historically, those who sent an e-mail video via the Internet encountered major difficulties because of the file’s large format. The information that was being transmitted was stored on the computer’s desktop, and it was routine to wait a very long time or to become disconnected while waiting for the transmission to be completed.

Los Angeles-based Azooca Video Mail managed to solve this problem by capturing the technology and streaming it into its own servers.

Users can send, receive, file and forward messages that support video capabilities. They can view video messages that have been sent directly into the body of an e-mail, and non-users can view video messages via link.

The e-mail platform features 250MG of storage, which helps deal with space issues for large video files. Users can record one-minute video messages and include a separate text. In addition, each message can contain a 10MB file attachment size separate from the video recording limit.

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