Axe smells teen spirit in a new mobile campaign

Men’s fragrance brand Axe is targeting teens in a mobile campaign that debuted early October and will run for seven weeks. The “Naughty to Nice” campaign, which aims to get 18-12 year old guys to sign up for free mobile videos via their phones, was designed with the help of mobile marketing firm AirG.

“AirG’s customers spend an average of an hour each day in our community, and we’re able to target these users based on demographic details, [such as] age, location, gender and income,” said Allison Johnson, AirG director of communications.

The videos tie in to Axe’s “Turns Nice Girls Naughty” campaign, an interactive video campaign at that lets consumers play detective in a noiresque world of sexy women in crime scenes involving the cologne. Users can do Internet research, watch YouTube clips and look at lab documents to find an undercover report on Axe and solve the case.

Banner ads tout the mobile component. Users who click on the ads are taken to a signup page where they enter their mobile number to receive a free viral mobile video from Axe. There is also an option for users to forward the video to their friends.

Axe’s young male demographic is directly tied to the AirG community. A September 2007 survey of AirG’s community revealed that 53% consider rap/hip hop their favorite type of music and 54% describe themselves as urban. Sixty percent rent an apartment or house, while 22% live with their family, 18% own their own home and 45% live with roomates.

“With these detailed targeting capabilities and [because] customers spend so much time in our community, the mobile platform is an effective way for advertisers to reach and interact with target customers,” Johnson added.

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