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Avoiding Even a Conflict of Interest

Unfortunately I didn’t see the article by Scott Hardigree about three kinds of list brokers (DM News, July 10) that Kathleen M. Stivaletti refers to in her letter in the July 31 DM News. I’ve been with Burnett Direct Inc. for 20 years, and our company made a decision when we started not to provide list management services and to offer only list brokerage services, which we do very well. It avoids the conflict of interest inherent in both activities — and better yet, even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

I’ve seen too many recommendations from brokers who are also managers that are top heavy with lists they manage, and I can’t help but think that double dipping in terms of both a management and broker commission is the reason.

My question to Kathleen is this: If your recommendation includes lists for testing and in all respects the lists were equal, which would you recommend?

Theodore R. Kelter, Vice president, Burnett Direct Inc., West Bloomfield, MI

[email protected]

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