Avoiding bumps in the inserts road

From our perspective at the fulfillment house, the best thing that a insert marketer, or the printer working with a marketer, can do is give each of the inserts an item number and a revision code and, even better, a infrared bar code. Without a bar code or prominent item number, it can be difficult for the person picking, packing or checking each package’s contents to ensure that the correct insert was placed.


Give each insert an item number, revision code and infrared bar code

It is crucial that the outside of the box is clearly labeled. Often we get varying descriptions of what is in the box from the marketer who first placed the order and from the printer who is most likely delivering the order. If everybody is on the same page with what the insert is called, it will save confusion and ultimately cut down on costs. We ask for advanced shipment notification on materials so that all the relevant details are already in our electronic system when the box arrives.

The last tip is to clearly label the quantity of the box. There always seems to be that one box that serves as a catchall. Labeling the exact amount in that one box saves us time.

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