Avoid turnover with training programs and team-building exercises

AG Salesworks increased staff by 50% in 2011 and plans to hire a comparable amount of new staff in 2012. In these difficult economic times, we’re fortunate to work in an industry that continues to experience steady growth. As a result, we’ve had to increase our workforce to keep up with client demands. It’s a great position to be in, and we never take it for granted. We also know that the quality of service we provide is only as good as the people we hire. Finding good candidates who fit with our company’s culture and deliver solid results is an ongoing challenge. Getting them to stick around for the long haul is also tricky.

Our teams conduct intense cold-calling and email campaigns. Anyone who has ever had to do cold-calling knows that it involves hearing a great deal of “no, thanks” — and worse. Consequently, our business, teleprospecting, is known for low employee retention and burnout.

That’s one reason we place such an emphasis on making AG Salesworks a fun place to work, with a positive atmosphere that’s conducive to motivation and obtaining great results from our people. This is accomplished through team-wide support of charitable

causes in our community and intensive training programs that help our teams feel prepared to handle the toughest challenges. In addition, our b-to-b teleprospecting and marketing services firm also holds after-work activities to forge strong camaraderie.

It’s a formula that’s worked for us: intense training, team-building exercises, after-work activities and spirited competition that make everyone smile.

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