Aviation Parts Marketer Mails 7-Pound Catalog

Aviation parts marketer and distributor Aviall Services has mailed the 59th version of its 7-pound-plus Aviall Product Catalog and Source Book.

This latest version has 2,656 pages, is 2.875 inches thick and weighs 7 pounds, 3.6 ounces. It contains the most common of Aviall's 650,000 part listings from more than 220 suppliers as well as 40 new product lines. The catalog also is available in a CD-ROM format and on the Web at www.aviall.com.

For the first time, the catalog contains an index in the front of the book and larger print because of customer requests. Scattered throughout the catalog in both print and electronic versions is a series of ads that Aviall Services will run in national publications serving the aviation industry. Each ad features a specific operational aspect of Aviall Services and translates it into the benefits Aviall Services' customers receive when dealing with the company.

The Chicago Catalog Group handled the catalog design and layout.

Aviall Services is a unit of Aviall Inc., Dallas.

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