Avesair, MSN Team on Wireless

Avesair, a developer of mobile marketing technology and services, signed a deal yesterday with MSN to jointly offer mobile marketing services to wireless carriers, publishers and media companies in North America.

MSN will use Avesair's mobile marketing platform to deliver messages across MSN Mobile 5.0. MSN's media sales team also will resell wireless as inventory from the Avesair Mobile Marketing Network, a group of wireless publishers consisting of 60 content providers covering a range of categories and topics to meet the demographic needs of major advertisers.

Advertisers will be able to run advertisements, promotions and coupons in targeted, interactive programs across MSN Mobile. Advertisers also will use Cary, NC-based Avesair's technology to offer many ad formats and response mechanisms, including SMS, instant messaging, store locator function, opt-in mobile e-mail and Interactive Voice Response, to all major wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and pagers.

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