Automatic Lead Generation for BTB Marketers

A new lead generation system for small business-to-business marketers identifies newly formed businesses and automatically e-mails the pertinent information to subscribers on a daily basis, Lookup Book Publishing reported April 19.

Nbleads, the list marketing unit of Lookup Book Publishing, developed the New Business Alerts system.

Each business day, Business Alerts scans the Lookup Book directory, which is a postal file of new business owners that contains 200,000 records of new businesses from the past 90 days. Listings that match a subscriber's criteria are automatically e-mailed to that subscriber.

“We looked at our BTB mailing list business and felt that too many smaller mailers were being left out simply because they couldn't afford to meet the 5,000 minimum order quantity,” Business Alerts manager Richard Draucker said in a statement. “Using an automated system for delivery reduces costs.”

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