Aussie Hair Removal Company Retools Infomercial

Aussie Nads will debut a new infomercial in March for its Aussie Nads Hair Removal System in an attempt to increase its appeal to the U.S. market.

The 7-year-old Australian company's U.S. counterpart, Aussie Nads U.S. Corp., has been marketing the product domestically since 1998. Since its U.S. debut, the company has aired three different infomercials, which were shot in Australia and focused primarily on that country.

The new infomercial was filmed in a major discount mall in California and features demonstrations and testimonials with American consumers. A small segment of the ad details the Australian origins of the company and its founder and president, Sue Ismiel.

The infomercial will run in the United States and in international markets, including Australia, Japan, South Africa, Argentina and Holland.

“We are giving it a U.S. look in an effort to focus on the most important market in the world,” said Hal Lederman, vice president of marketing at Aussie Nads U.S. Corp., Beverly Hills, CA. “It is important to give the rest of the world a perception of the company's success in America.”

Aussie Nads targets its product primarily to women 20 to 50 years old. The company will run the 30-minute advertisement on roughly 800 national broadcast and cable stations in the United States in an attempt to hit this demographic. Aussie Nads has subdistributors in international markets to manage overseas media campaigns.

The company uses the long-form medium because of the time required to demonstrate the proper use and application, Lederman said. A two-minute short-form ad will also be developed in conjunction with the new spot.

The infomercial directs consumers to a toll-free phone number and the Web site,, to buy the $29.95 hair removal system, which includes a gel, cloth strips, a spreading device, a skin lotion and a prep soap. Customer service representatives will upsell an additional container of the gel for $19.95.

Aussie Nads will also launch its first direct response print campaign for the product in the spring. The full-page ad, which will direct customers to the toll-free number and Web site, will run in Glamour, a women's fashion magazine. The ad is expected to run until June. The company expects the print campaign to compliment the infomercial.

“Not every woman watches late-night television,” Lederman said.

Shephard Productions, Chatsworth, CA, is producing and scripting the infomercial, and Moulton Logistics, North Hollywood, CA, is responsible for fulfillment. All media placement is performed inhouse.

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