Attune Integrates Marketing Supply Process

Attune Inc. this week released Attune Marketing, an Internet-based software for business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies that integrates all aspects of the marketing supply chain.

The marketing automation program allows companies to align marketing activities with corporate objectives, analyze the success of activities, highlight successful processes and then decide which efforts should live on in the next planning phase.

“The application thinks like a marketing person thinks and it incorporates and enables marketing’s best practices,” said Jill K. Snyder, vice president of corporate marketing at Attune, Indianapolis.

As a central repository of marketing activities, the Web-based application gives its users quick and easy access to strategies and activities in other parts of the company. It aids one-to-one marketing and advertising campaigns.

Cincinnati Bell Telephone, Brawn Consulting in Chicago, Grand Technologies in Toronto, and two Indianapolis companies, theme park developer Entercitement and trade show organizer Event Pro, have signed up as charter clients.

– Mickey Alam Khan

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