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AT&T Wants Cable Subscribers to Be Divas

AT&T announced recently that it has struck a deal with video-on-demand technology and service provider Diva to bring the interactive application to its cable providers in select cities by the end of the year.

Markets in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and northern California will be the first to use the system. Subscribers in Atlanta are being treated to the first test of the system, which has gone well enough for the companies to announce this deployment.

Video on demand through Diva allows subscribers to choose from hundreds of films that they can start, pause, fast-forward and rewind using their remote controls, with pricing similar to standard pay-per-view films.

“Digital Cable — with its remote-control, push-button ordering capability — has led to higher consumer usage of pay-per-view movies,” said Dan Somers, president/CEO of AT&T Broadband. “The introduction of true video on demand will spark even greater interest as we add hundreds of new titles and give our customers ultimate control over their viewing. Diva has the expertise to help us deploy VOD, including the programming and features that our customers are eager to receive.”

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