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AT&T launches mobile point-of-sale app for companies

AT&T has partnered with electronic payments firm VeriFone to launch VeriFone GlobalBay Solutions, a mobile app employees can use for various point-of-sale (POS) functions, said Igor Glubochansky, executive director of AT&T mobile marketing solutions.  

Retailers can install and customize the app into mobile phones and tablets so employees can scan items, apply coupons and discounts, and complete credit card transactions, as well as enroll customers into loyalty and reward programs instantly. Employees can also look up product information, inventory within or out of stores, and customer history without leaving the consumer.

“It brings the entire store into a sales associate’s iPad or phone where [he or she] can see inventory, process credit cards, show photos and enroll them in loyalty programs and complete the cycle,” Glubochansky said.

Businesses will also be able to engage customers by immediately providing digital content, such as videos and catalogs. Additionally, the new app can integrate with a company’s existing POS.

Glubochansky said AT&T decided to develop the product because business customers were asking for this type of solution. The app completes AT&T’s existing suite of marketing products for companies, which includes QR codes and messaging services.

Two unnamed companies, including a Japanese retailer and a luxury goods company, have already deployed the product, Glubochansky said.

Chris Hill, AT&T Business Solution’s VP of advanced mobility solutions summed up the company’s goal in creating the product: “Customers don’t want to wait in line or stand around as a sales person runs off to find information on a product — they want great service in a timely manner,” he said.

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