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Athlete's Foot, eB2B Commerce Form Agreement

The Athlete's Foot and New York-based eB2B Commerce Inc. reached a deal yesterday that will provide the footwear retailer with direct connection service to its non-electronic data interchange trading partners.

The deal will allow Athlete's Foot to send electronic orders from its EDI-capable point-of-sale system to all of its manufacturers. In turn, the manufacturers will be able to return notifications and invoices electronically, via the Web browser.

The deal is expected to increase profits for the Atlanta-based footwear company and its trading partners by reducing transaction costs, improving inventory control and enhancing productivity within the demand chain.

“eB2B Commerce's solution will allow us to dramatically reduce the costs of trading with our suppliers by eliminating the manual processing costs we currently incur with our mid- and small-size suppliers,” said Robert J. Corliss, Athlete's Foot CEO.

Athlete's Foot is the world's seventh-largest footwear retailer, with more than 700 corporate and franchise stores in more than 40 countries.

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