ATG Unveils Personalization Technology

Art Technology Group, a developer of e-commerce and personalization applications, is expected to launch the latest version of its personalization technology, Dynamo 5.0, today.

The nucleus of this technology is e-Business Scenarios, which the company defines as a customized sequence of targeted interactions that can create persistent and personalized business relationships to drive customer loyalty.

If a customer passes on the first promotional offer at a site, for example, a second offer is served. If the customer clicks on it but fails to make a purchase, an e-mail is sent offering a product discount. If a person makes a purchase based on any of these offers, he is offered a cross-sell opportunity — a third promotional offer.

The scenario capabilities also can be used for price elasticity test marketing in which consumers during a specified time period are split into three groups. One group is shown a 25 percent discount, another a 30 percent discount and the last a 40 percent discount. The software will analyze the test results and will present the optimal strategy to the marketer.

Marketers can build these campaigns using a visual scenario manager and pre-built scenario templates. The process has been simplified so that marketing professionals will not need the IT department's help, according to the company.

“The importance of having direct hands on control is you don't have to wait a week or months to see a campaign modified,” said Rich Caplow, director of product marketing at Art Technology Group, Cambridge, MA. “The key is to be able to modify business [offers] and relaunch it quickly.”

Dynamo 5.0 also offers scenario-driven commerce capabilities. The e-commerce capabilities include a pricing and order engine as well as catalog management tools. It also enables marketers to run coupons, a gift registry and wish list programs for business-to-consumer efforts as well as recurring purchase orders and multiple ship-to functionalities for business-to-business efforts.

“We're introducing e-business scenarios as the foundation to accomplish personalization and e-commerce,” Caplow said. “It gives [marketers] the ability to create persistent and successful online relationships with customers and business partners.”

The technology's “standards-based” platform can run in conjunction with most marketers' existing technologies. The technology also includes wireless functionalities. The company had not finalized pricing at press time.

ATG has more than 350 customers, including American Airlines and

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