ATA Starts Blog

The American Teleservices Association announced yesterday that it has launched a blog on its website for association members.

“Why in the world would we start a blog? Simple, there are things that need to be said, and this is a great way to be timely, candid and irreverent in saying them,” said ATA CEO, Tim Searcy, in a statement. “In this area of the website, ATA will provide the means for a dialogue between association staff and members. It has become one of the ATA’s priorities to increase the ways members can become involved in the association and engage through the avenues available as a part of their membership.”

Indianapolis, IN-based ATA said the ATA Blog also would provide a valuable resource for attendees to the Annual Convention & Expo in October. The blog visitors could interact directly with the speakers and session leaders to determine the specific details around the content. This year’s theme, Maximizing the Ideal Customer Experience lends itself to new approaches to creating content and keeping attendees informed.

The ATA Blog is accessible online at . The blog has been up since late March and is updated regularly by Mr. Searcy. Members are welcome and encouraged to post their questions and comments.

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