Astoria Software Signs With Goodman for Lead Generation

Goodman Marketing Partners Inc. has been selected by business-to-business software firm Astoria Software to develop an integrated lead generation strategy.

San Mateo, CA-based Astoria is a provider of content management solutions for product documentation. Its customers include Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments, Lockheed Martin, General Electric Medical and Cessna Aircraft.

Until now, Astoria’s lead generation efforts have been limited to some basic e-mails, Goodman Marketing president Carolyn Goodman said.

“It is difficult to identify who is responsible for product documentation” and therefore who to target for lead generation, Ms. Goodman continued. An airplane manufacturer, for example, needs to provide product documentation for every working part in any airplane it sells. However, the same department may not write the documentation for an airplane’s engine and its seats.

Therefore, one of the first steps Goodman Marketing, San Rafael, CA, took after it began working with Astoria was to help the software firm segment its target audience into three groups: the end users of the software, managers of the end-users or the influencers and the VP level or buying decision-makers. “We’re crafting our messaging quite differently for each,” Ms. Goodman said.

For example, Astoria will hold a Webinar on Sept. 12 titled “Why VP’s Fear Product Documentation.” The marketing for the Webinar includes sending each of the different groups a unique e-mail and directing each to their own landing page.

In excess of 10,000 e-mails will be sent out toward the end of August alerting recipients about the Webinar, Ms. Goodman said.

Another strategy Goodman Marketing is looking at is a dimensional mailer that will be sent to executive-level personnel.

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