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Associated Content offers marketers new access to educated consumers

The People’s Media Company. That’s what online publisher Associated Content wants to be. It features content from public and content producers worldwide.

Associated Content curates and publishes a collection of original fresh content daily. In addition, the company is about to make the move to producing online video content.

“We see ourselves as having a big push on the Internet front,” said Luke Beatty, CEO of Associated Content, New York. “We have a very large volume of content, pushing 10,000 pieces of content per week.”

The site provides a unique opportunity for marketers to tap into an educated base of consumers, without risk.

“For six weeks, you can access the site from the initial payment for content,” Mr. Beatty said. “Then you can receive page-view bonuses as we provide people with a revenue sharing bonus program.”

The site works on a model where the more content a provider gives the more revenue they receive.

“It’s funny,” Mr. Beatty said. “People always ask me how we compare to other content sites, but I think each week we have now turns out to be our biggest week, barring some sort of holiday.”

Associated Content features a robust library that users can search for previously published content. Categories cover a variety of interests, from arts and entertainment to home improvement and literature.

Powered by Google, Associated Content offers contributors a list of incentives for becoming content producers and adding to its the multimedia library.

When people join Associated Content, they can publish their own articles, images, videos and audio; showcase knowledge to a worldwide audience; earn money through up-front payments and bonus incentives; track what content performs best online; and connect with knowledge-seekers, prospects, media and other Associated Content members.

The new performance bonus allows providers to continue to earn money after they have been published through click-through rates.

“The whole idea is that it is in everyone’s best interest to market their product and that producers can reach out to a certain demographic,” Mr. Beatty said.

Associated Content allows paid ads and currently works with ad networks such as Google, Tacoda and Blue Lithium. This allows for organic search engine functions.
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