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Ask Jeeves Links Up With EWanted.com

Reverse auction Web site eWanted.com will provide Ask Jeeves, an Internet information access provider, with additional resources for its users, eWanted said yesterday.

A direct link to eWanted.com will now appear in the Ask Jeeves Shopping Channel, where users can shop by request for apparel, books, consumer electronics, toys and more.

When visitors to www.ask.com type in shopping-related questions, they will also have the option to be taken to eWanted.com, where they can post queries for these items in hopes of getting the best deal.

“It's a perfect relationship, because Ask Jeeves users are looking for products and services and eWanted is the channel people can use to get what they want,” said Steven Nerayoff, vice president of strategic alliances at eWanted.com.

EWanted.com, Santa Clara, CA, was founded in 1998 and hosts 18 major categories for its reverse auctions. Ask Jeeves, Emeryville, CA, also hosts Ask Jeeves Kids, Ask Jeeves UK, Ask Jeeves Studio and Jeeves Peek.

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