As silos begin to fall, Visible Technologies upgrades platform

Visible Technologies, a provider of cloud-based social media analytics, announced Aug. 8 that it has upgraded its Visible Intelligence social media listening and engagement platform to accommodate multiple languages and multiple users within a single organization, says company CEO Richard Pasewark.

The update is in response to a trend in which enterprises are beginning to tear down data silos and promote more inter-departmental sharing, Pasewark says. “Organizations are going through a maturity level,” he explains. “Now mature clients must normalize their data collection and processing. They’d like to normalize their IT buying and integration.”

The updated Visibile Intelligence platform is designed to disseminate social information across numerous departments and emphasize the data points relevant to each unit. For instance, Pasewark says, “travel and hospitality [companies] will have representation for their global brand manager, corporate marketing, and a corporate finance team. They’re looking at the same data but it needs to be presented [uniquely] to them.”

While Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube remain the major platforms from which enterprises glean social data, other social media channels are equally and occasionally more important for specific verticals. “If I look at consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail, the mom blogs—and there are dozens of them—is where people get an understanding of what decision makers are thinking,” Pasewark says. “In technology, there are certain blogs where there are very influential authors. If you go to pharma, there are often places where there’s completely unbranded discussions about conditions and diseases.” Visible Intelligence, Pasework adds, tracks millions of posts per day.

Visible Technologies has 135 clients, mostly across six verticals: pharma, financial services, CPG and retail, travel and hospitality, and automotive.

The upgrade to Visibile Intelligence follows a trend in which analytics vendors have enhanced their stacks to, among other things, push relevant data to more users within an enterprise, as evidenced last month when Visible Technologies competitor Salesforce Radian6 upgraded its Insights solution.

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