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As Seen On TV selects BrightShop Digital to handle social media marketing

As Seen On TV, Inc., a direct response television (DRTV) company, has selected BrightShop Digital to handle its social media marketing, says Steven Hart, corporate and strategy development at As Seen on TV.

“We had only Facebook and Twitter,” he says. “No Pinterest or YouTube. [We had] minimal to no following.” The company’s social media assets, he says, were all handled in-house, and none of them were performing.

There was no formal RFP process for the selection, Hart says. According to Robert Dippold, general manager at BrightShop: “One of our coworkers here had a relationship with someone on their team. They came here for a meeting to learn about everything we’re doing. It happened naturally.”

Dippold says that social media was a direct marketing avenue absent from As Seen On TV’s campaigns. Social media is becoming a necessary platform for As Seen On TV because the company has such a broad audience, Dippold says, adding that through social media platforms, As Seen On TV will be able to better converse with—and segment and target—its customers.

“It’s about leveraging each individual social media platform,” he says.

Dippold, who says his company is a full-service marketing agency, says the two companies began talking about the agreement in May. It was finalized in June and made public July 30, he says.

Hart declined to specify the financial details of the agreement.

As Seen On TV’s announcement comes as DRTV companies increasingly integrate into other online channels.

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