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Army’s DRTV Campaign Mocked for Its Ineffectiveness and Message

The article referring to the Army’s newest ad campaign is simply fiction (“Army’s DRTV Strategy Makes Strong Start,” May 4). The campaign has been mocked for its ineffectiveness and message.

Not only is the campaign ineffective, but it portrays an “Army of One.” Whoever came up with this campaign – and approved it, for that matter – must have little or no knowledge of the military. I will bet you a $10,000 donation to a charity of your choice or mine that the campaign is yanked by the end of the year.

The U.S. military has been successful in the work of war because it promotes the fact that you must conform to organizational requirements and rational thoughts with the best interests of the “group” in mind, not the individual. The Marine Corps has met its recruitment commitments for 56 months based on the fact that it promotes courage, valor, strength, mental fortitude, character and unit building, as opposed to the “Be whatever you want to be” message of the Army.

The campaign is a complete failure. Lord help the United States when the granola-throwing, VW-van-driving individualists make up the majority of the military. Your magazine will be burned with the other books in the pile at the coaxing of a Chinese bayonet. The campaign is only a success if you drive the correct customer to the call-to-action. Godspeed to the Marines.

Nicholas J. Esayian, Chief marketing officer of Global Domains International Inc.

[email protected]

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