Are You Stuck in the 20th Century? The 5 Attributes Every 21st Century Marketing Campaign Must Have

Today’s consumer is a new breed—hyper-connected, hyper-empowered, and looking to be engaged and delighted across multiple channels by the brands in their universe. Unfortunately, too many marketers are still using 20th century strategies and tools to engage the 21st century customer. 

What are the 5 key attributes necessary in a marketing campaign to engage this new breed of customer?

1. Marketing automation tools: The right marketing automation tools are an absolute necessity to deliver the data insights that drive the 21st century marketing campaign. What are those absolutely necessary tools to deliver that 21st century marketing edge?
2. Market to the moment approach to engage customers across their buying journey: How to leverage predictive customer analytics to anticipate customer needs, and reach customers wherever and whenever they begin their customer journey.  
3. No more silos: break down the silos to deliver cross-channel consistency and excellence: Your customer uses a variety of devices –smartphone, desktop, tablet—to engage with your company, which means you need to be able to seamlessly share data across channels—including “real-life (i.e., in store) channels. Every touchpoint matters. How do marketers ensure that customers have the best experience no matter how they choose to engage with their brand?  How do you foster collaboration across business functions (sales, marketing, IT, etc.) to ensure synchronization of strategy and sharing of customer insights?
4. Content: The tie that binds: Just as you need to ensure your customer has a consistent experience across all your channels, you also need to make sure that your message is consistent. Marketers need to envision their content as parts of a whole, while ensuring that content serves a clear purpose in providing the best experience to their audience – whether that content is text, video, imagery. 
5. The new metrics: What are the right metrics to ensure you are accurately measuring engagement and getting a 360-degree view of your customer?  How can you make sure you can gather and leverage the data you need to provide the experience your customer expects?


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