Are you Ready for CIDM? (Customer Identity Management)

Most companies still use legacy identity management systems that struggle to handle more than 100,000 dinstinct IDs, according to UnboundID, while the rapid proliferation of devices and user IDs are demanding that marketers deal with billions of them. So today the company is introducing version 4.6 of its Identity Data Platform to address what company CEO Steve Shoaff says will be one of the crucial strategic challenges facing companies in the next decade—customer identity management (CIDM).

The company added social log-in and multi-factor authentication features to the new platform, allowing marketers to populate customer profiles with preference information beginning with the first touch point. “The use of social identities has fast become a preferred user registration method,” says Gartner managing VP for identity and privacy strategies Lori Robinson. “Consumers have grown tired of registering on websites and remembering yet another username and password. Social login allows consumers to log in to a website using social network and email identities that they already have.”

When people log in with Facebook, for example, it allows providers like UnboundID to instantly re-populate their customer profiles with new attributes. Marketers and merchants can then make high-volume and high-speed decisions based on the most current profile data and consent information.

“Identity data is not only the key to improving customer experience and engagement; it’s the connective tissue between the biggest mega-trends in IT today,” says Shoaff. “Internet of Things, Master Big Data, and CRM—all are inherently identity data challenges.”

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