Are You a Modern Marketer?

“Marketing hasn’t changed, but the way you execute has changed dramatically,” Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein said during his presentation at Integrated Marketing Week earlier this week. The result is the emergence of The Modern Marketer.

According to Friedlein, a growing number of internal and external forces are significantly influencing the modern marketer. He shared 12 areas of influence from Econsultancy’s draft Modern Marketing Manifesto.

1. Strategy
Marketers have a deep knowledge of their market and positioning within it, their own and competitors’ products, and their customers. As such, they should have a seat at the board table to help set their organization’s overall strategy.

2. Commercial
Modern marketers need to think more in terms of marketing’s impact on their company’s performance.  They should co-own the pipeline with sales and ensure that the two teams are aligned.

3. Customer Experience
The modern marketer must have a “relentless focus on customer experience,” Friedlein said. This includes all of the experiences marketing delivers across channels and by customer type. Are high-value customers, for example, being treated differently than other customers?

4. Integration

Customers don’t think in terms of channels, or in terms of above or below the line, so marketers shouldn’t either. Modern marketers need to take a more holistic, integrated approach.

5. Brands

Consumers often take control of the brand message today, so modern marketers should ensure that they have a strong brand: i.e., one that meets its promises and speaks authentically to its customers.

6. Data
The modern marketer sees data as exciting, valuable, and empowering. If not, it’s time for a new career.

7. Personalization
Marketers who use personalization well can “transform what customers get,” Friedlein said. “It’s one of the biggest opportunities to make your customer experience amazing.”

Modern marketers understand that technology is an enabler, not a solution itself. They need to be comfortable buying and using tech tools.

9. Creative
With all the focus on data, it’s necessary to keep in mind the importance of creativity and compelling creative. “You need it as much as ever,” Friedlein said.

10. Content
With all the hype around content marketing, it may seem like a fad. It’s not. The focus on owned and earned media a significant shift, and modern marketers should be embracing it and capitalizing on it.

11. Social
Social media is altering not only culture in general, but also business culture, including how organizations interact with customers. Modern marketers need to realize broader impact of social today and consider that when planning their approach to social and how it fits within the overall marketing mix.

12. Character
Modern marketers are accountable, ethical, customers focused, collaborative, agile, and innovative. Enough said.

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