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Are personality assessments effective for DM employers?

While interviewing perspective employees to join my firm, I noticed that sometimes it could be like Jekyll and Hyde. I’d hire the person and then think, “Where is that person I interviewed?”

It’s great to ask situational questions to identify a prospect’s skill set, but even that is not enough. Many employers will have an urgent need to fill a gap while job seekers will have an urgent need to find a job. They both will “settle” at times and that’s not valuing your or your perspective employee’s skill set. Assessment tests such as Burkman, Disc Profile and Watson Glaser can be very effective in showing whether or not a candidate will have the propensity to excel in certain direct marketing positions and be a fit for your particular company.

As a marketing firm, you need to establish whether candidates have these key critical thinking and problem solving skills because at some point he or she is going to be called upon to use them. Will he or she be able to sit in front of a client or a perspective client and ask them the appropriate questions in order to make the best recommendations? More and more small to midsize firms are learning about this and finding ways to incorporate these assessments into their processes. Larger companies have been doing this for years. And now is the time, being that the Internet is making these tests more easily accessible. Marketers really need a balance between having the ability to be systematic and process-driven, and being a good talker and communicator. I find often hirers give too much credit to the “gift of gab.” Essentially it comes down to finding that balance and these tests will give you a great advantage.

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