AquaCell Will Test DRTV Marketing Waters

AquaCell Technologies, a water storage and filtration company, expects to kick off its first major marketing push in late May with a half-hour infomercial for its Purific Water Cooler.

The company began selling the product in mid-1999 directly to Fortune 500 companies. Since AquaCell's initial public offering in February, the company has been raising funds for a full-scale DRTV marketing effort.

“We are using a 30-minute ad because it can provide good nationwide exposure for the product and company. The advantages of the system can be highlighted best in a 30-minute spot,” said Karen Laustsen, president of AquaCell Technologies, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

The infomercial will address the current problems with the public water system, demonstrate how the product works, highlight the money-saving features of owning the system and feature user testimonials about the system. The ad directs viewers to a toll-free number to purchase the system.

The Purific Water Cooler is a self-contained water filtration and storage system. It is connected to the user's water line and filters and stores 5 gallons of water at a time.

AquaCell is targeting the product primarily to Fortune 500 corporations, Laustsen said. She noted, however, that demand for water storage in homes is on the rise. The company has not finalized a media schedule to target its demographic.

“The Fortune 500 companies may serve as a lead generator for consumers,” said Ben Cerrone, president of Multimedia Group Inc., Huntington, NY, the company producing the ad.

While a price has not been finalized, Cerrone said the system should retail at roughly $1,500 and may be purchased at a one-time fee or on a monthly lease basis. Laustsen would not disclose sales goals for the campaign.

“Water coolers usually rent at about $25 per month, with 5-gallon water bottles costing around $8,” Cerrone said. “In places such as New York City, where office or home space is limited, people may not have enough room to store full and empty water bottles.”

Multimedia Group is responsible for all scripting and production of the ad, while AquaCell will handle all telemarketing and fulfillment internally. Multimedia Group produces infomercials for a variety of consumer and industrial products, Cerrone said.

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