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Apple Ignites the Web (Again) With the Apple Watch

The Web is still reeling from Apple’s latest keynote, in which the mobile mainstay announced the release date (April 24) of the enigmatic Apple Watch.

Similar to other major releases in the tech world, Apple’s forthcoming device immediately began trending. The watch is still trending as of this writing, but the Twitter conversations have taken a new direction as of late. In addition talk of apps, customization, features, pricing, iPhone users are now discussing the inclusion of the Apple Watch app in the latest iOS update. Much of the chatter doesn’t exactly reflect positivity.

On the fringes of the larger Apple Watch conversation lies the big question for marketers: What does this device mean for mobile marketing?

“If [Apple Watch] is successful, it will consolidate and standardize our expectations of wearable technology, in the same way that the iPhone did for the mobile market in 2007,”  said Tim Dunn, director of mobile and strategy at digital marketing agency Isobar, in a recent SlideShare. It detailed the impact of the new device in marketing. “Engaging with your audience through [Apple Watch] is rich in potential and fraught with risk,” Dunn said.

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