App Turns Paper Receipts Digital


One of the chief appeals of technology to large retailers is its ability to embrace customers with ease-of-use solutions that deter them from switching to competitors—as demonstrated by Amazon with online personalization or Walmart with Savings Catcher. Next week, a new such technology is being introduced at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London that smaller players can take advantage of.

Printer maker Star Micronics will debut AllReceipts, a system that combines the company’s Star TSP100 printer with a free consumer app to transmit printed store receipts to the cloud and back onto consumers’ smartphones for filing in perpetuity.

Added benefits of the system, the company points out, are increased coupon redemption and customer feedback through an ongoing survey program in the app.The system bypasses the email channel and loads receipts directly to the app—eliminating the messy business of collecting people’s email addresses. Privacy-minded customers, therefore, can take advantage of offers anonymously.

No development work is required on the part of the retailer. The service comes free with purchase of the TSP100 printer and works independently of the retailer’s POS system.

A spokesperson for Star Micronics says AllReceipts will be available in the United States later this spring.

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