App of the Week: Visme

Presentation imagery generally has a bad rap, and creating infographics is often only for the likes of designers. So, simplifying the process of creating professional presentations and infographics, and transforming data into attention-grabbing visuals, is browser-based app Visme’s mission.

The app lets users choose from “tons” of templates and fonts, and customize any and all objects to fit their needs. Visme also offers “millions” of free images from Flikr and “thousands” of free vector assets in any style. In addition, the app provides its users with custom-built infographic widgets, charts, and graphs.

The self-proclaimed “Swiss knife of visual content” also lets users share their finished projects on social media sites, embed them to a website, or download them for offline use.

Putting the pedal to the presentation metal:

At least you can take it on a plane, though.

It inspires awe!

Spoiler alert: “Unlike other tools that are often complicated, Visme allow users to create visual content with a great deal of flexibility, simplicity and personalisation.”

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