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App of the Week: Sworkit

The life of a marketer can be extremely hectic. Whether it’s meeting with clients, attending conferences, or coming up with the next big idea, there is rarely time to fit in exercise. However, Sworkit hopes to change that.

The app fancies itself a personal trainer in a user’s pocket who’s there for those times when the gym is not an option. Sworkit offers video workouts for any area of the body and many varied forms of exercise: cardio, Pilates, strength, stretching, and yoga. Users can even create custom workouts from more than 160 different exercises.

Sworkit combines interval training with randomized exercises as it aims to maximize each workout’s effectiveness. Each of the app’s workouts can be performed without weights or other equipment, so there’s no excuse for not working out—even when on the road.

Swork it real good.

Credit where credit is due.


But would it beat the ‘92 Dream Team?

What an age we live in…

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