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App of the Week: RescueTime

Productivity app RescueTime aims to eliminate distractions and help users understand their daily habits to become more focused and productive.

RescueTime runs in the background of computers or mobile devices and tracks the time a user spent on apps and websites. It then doles out data and a detailed report based on that activity; the report shows how much time the user spent in different categories, how productive he was, and whether he achieved his daily goals.

Further, the app provides a weekly email report that summarizes each user’s activity and gives a productivity score. The productivity score comes programmed with activities automatically grouped into categories, but the user has the option to customize categories for a more personalized score.

Some other features let the user:

  • Set alerts for when a certain amount of time has been spent on an activity.
  • Block distracting websites or enforce a time limit on them.
  • See how much time was spent on certain activities.
  • Log daily accomplishments.

Good thing indeed, Richard.

It certainly is, Cody!

Oh, get a room!

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