App of the Week: MapMyWalk

Marketing leaders tend to be a mobile bunch—traveling to visit clients, host events, and brainstorm with agency partners. Keeping fit on the road can be easier with a little push from apps like MapMyWalk.

The app’s goal is to, as its moniker suggests, track users’ fitness activities via the built-in GPS on mobile devices. MapMyWalk keeps record of workout details; including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route travelled on an interactive map. Results can be saved and uploaded to the app where users can view their route workout data, keep up with their goals, challenge friends, join groups, stay in touch with the MapMyWalk online fitness community, and even view their workout history.

Users can share their workout information on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to its intended use, the app’s Twitter feed doles out tips for healthy living:

Sometimes its Twitter gets a little pushy, though:

The possibilities are endless while using MapMyWalk:

One drawback is you get stuck with banal tweets, like this thorny one from Rose:

For every Rose, though, there’s a dozen more like Dale and Jen:

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