App of the Week: Life Organizer


To steal a line from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, “Organize, don’t agonize.” Life Organizer, the app that aims to help users be as productive as possible, seems to be heeding and conveying Pelosi’s advice.

The app’s goal is to “lead, manage, and grow” its users’ lives by affording them the tools needed to accomplish tasks in every facet of life. It also lets users create and share their vision for a more organized life with friends via social media or email. In addition, users can:

  • Plan their week around personal obligations
  • Assign and organize tasks by priority and create checklists with multiple to-dos
  • Peruse their personal growth and development
  • Receive inspirational messages and quotes weekly
  • Set goals for different areas of life and track the progress with Life Organizer’s tips
  • Record thoughts and ideas via text, audio, or sketching in the app

The app launched so recently that users haven’t yet gotten organized enough to tweet. But iTunes store reviews include such glowing reviews as “This is not just another Calendar app but one that will make me a better person” and “This app not only helps you keep track of your life (and who doesn’t need that these days) but helps you do so much more! It helps you achieve your vision by helping you focus your energy on the things that really matter most.”

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