App of the Week: Any.DO

Any.DO can help users do, well, any task. The to-do list app aims to make it simple and fun to complete chores, assignments, and other responsibilities via its cross-platform tools.

Its features include: seamless cloud sync, speech recognition, Web app access via computer, folders, notes, calendar view, and gesture support.

In addition, Any.DO:

  • Reminds users to return missed calls
  • Sends text messages to people the user doesn’t have time to speak with
  • Quickly creates to-do lists via email
  • Lets the user shake his phone or mobile device to clear completed tasks
  • Compile a daily review at the start or end of each day

The app even allows the user to add time- or location-based reminders for tasks. In addition, its auto-suggest feature attempts to predict what the user is trying to say to alleviate the inconvenience of typing on a mobile device.

Any.DO’s sharing capabilities allow the user to share lists with other people; e.g., a user can share a grocery list with his spouse or plan an event with friends, among other things.

The company’s slogan—Productivity through play. Control through balance. Good day, every day—is prevalent in its users’ tweets: 

If it’s good enough for Mark Janson…

No “Slant”ed view here

Life changing, this app is!

Mo knows apps

As does Bella. Pay heed to what she says

Listen to Tim Buck, too

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