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App Downloads Hit A Wall (Except for Snapchat and Uber)

The top apps are all showing declining downloads Y-o-Y, except for Uber and Snapchat.

New research by SensorTower and Nomura, highlighted in a Recode article today, found that overall growth was trending downwards, but Snapchat (107.6%), Uber (82.3%), Airbnb (31.7%), and Hulu (22.2%) were the only apps they discussed that grew double digits year-over-year. 

Image from Recode

The reality is that it’s harder and harder for new apps (and even existing apps) to get any traction. Most people who would be interested in these apps already have mobile phones which are completely crammed with apps. 

One way to beat this depressing news? Own all of the apps. The same report found that Facebook-owned app downloads (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp) were 60% of all downloads (142 million in total). 

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