APAC Changes Name, Focus

Apac Teleservices has changed its corporate name to Apac Customer Services: End to End Solutions for One to One Success in order to convey to clients its new focus of full-cycle service and customer care.

“While we are still focusing on two primary functions, customer acquisition and customer care, [the name] promises more than just a telephone as a single channel,” said John T. Calk, vice president of marketing and business development.

“APAC is one of two or three companies that created traditional telemarketing space,” Calk said. “We wanted to change the name to lay out what we will be doing in the future.”

Apac’s new formula will begin with engineering solutions and will provide tactical execution for the corporation’s clients to attain and nurture customer relationships. It will integrate the phone, mail and the Internet to support a variety of strategic alliances and tactics.

The corporation will, as well, change its focus from smaller clients to larger ones such as UPS, MCI Worldcom, and General Motors Credit Card.

“This is not to say we don’t entertain talking to smaller clients, but we definitely know our niche is on the larger scale. Fortune 1000 companies work with APAC because they want more than just a teleservices firm. They want a marketing partner who can give them an edge.”

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