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AOL altering sales team in response to rise in programmatic advertising

Recode’s Kara Swisher reported early this morning that AOL is reshuffling its ad team to better respond to the increase in automation.

This will continue to be an issue for companies as progammatic moves more to the norm and premium sales decrease. AOL, Swisher reported, is moving its specialized ad team (responsible for custom content and premium sales) into a centralized role. Swisher wrote:

Why do you care about this latest round of musical chairs at AOL? Because it clearly represents what a content-and-advertising focused company — in the same boat as rivals like Yahoo — must do as the advertising landscape changes quickly, moving from a business of premium display sales to “programmatic” advertising.

Swisher’s reporting followed a TechCrunch article that speculated that AOL was planning to close down some of its underperforming brands. 

The rise of programmatic is bound that have implications across all publishers. More than half of the $15B spent on digital display advertising is expected to be programmatic in 2015, according to eMarketer. 
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