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Annuncio, MicroStrategy Partner to Bolster Analytics

Annuncio Software said yesterday it will add advanced analytics capabilities to the Annuncio e-Marketing Platform based on technology licensed from MicroStrategy Inc., a provider of business intelligence software.

The Annuncio e-Marketing Platform includes applications for dialogue marketing and Web site marketing that help companies build customer relationships. Annuncio's new analytics functions will extend marketers’ insight into customer data so they can develop customer relationships that build loyalty and drive revenue.

The existing Annuncio e-Marketing Platform allows marketers to plan, design and execute dialogue and Web site marketing. The new analytics will provide marketers with a complete view of the customer relationship that includes stated customer preferences, response history, purchase history and data from other CRM applications such as call center, sales force automation, customer service and Web tracking. Annuncio's analytics will provide companies with the flexibility to leverage an existing CRM data warehouse or use the bundled CRM data schema.

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