Annuncio Adds Personalization, BTB Capabilities

Annuncio Software, a creator of customer relationship applications, unveiled its two latest offerings to marketers last week.

The freshly minted Annuncio Bright allows users to personalize offers for Web site visitors. The second product, Live 3 for BtoB, helps clients to run their campaigns better.

The thrust of the Annuncio Bright software is its ability to help manage offers, content and rules via a browser-based interface. Users can stock “virtual shelves” on their Web sites with rules-based offers created in accordance with consumer profiles. These profiles are built using a client's proprietary database as well as the consumer's on-site surfing and purchasing behavior.

In simple terms, for example, a marketer can post an offer for vertical blinds for someone who has shown interest in purchasing windows. Users can test and refine these messages until they have found a winning formula.

Annuncio Bright is “more accessible for the marketer” than products from competitors such as BroadVision and Blue Martini, said Kimberly Weins, vice president of product marketing at Annuncio, Mountain View, CA. “This system is more open, works with a variety of solutions and is built for the marketer,” she said.

It features 25 pre-built campaigns, reporting and analysis tools and simplified e-commerce integration.

Annuncio Live 3 for BtoB was created to help marketers put together campaigns that can convert sales leads more effectively.

“Forty percent of their customers are business-to-business clients,” Weins said. “They have additional needs from the regular business-to-consumer sites. These needs are based on the fact that they need to manage leads throughout a sales process [that] is longer than with a b-to-c client. We can help them move the lead through the pipeline until they close.”

The software includes five pre-built campaign templates: Web seminar, newsletter, lead qualification, trade show follow-up and profile management. Its lead management capabilities help qualify leads and send them to the appropriate salespeople.

The offerings make up the Annuncio e-Marketing Platform, which is available this week. According to Weins, this platform was developed because the amount of messaging has “customers overwhelmed, and response rates are falling off. We attempt to convince our clients to take a customer-centric approach that optimizes the ongoing dialogue.”

Annuncio clients include General Mills, Charles Schwab and Intuit. The privately held company has raised $63 million in total funding to date.

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